Corporate client greeting beekeepers
Corporate client greeting beekeepers
Why are corporate leaders are opening their rooftops to beekeepers? They are in it for more than the honey.

Sustainability Goals

Today, organizations of all sizes are challenged — no, — to contribute to sustainability. Investors, customers, and other stakeholders are holding companies accountable for affecting positive change locally and globally.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations in 2015 are helpful reference points for organizations setting and measuring Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) targets.

Leaders seeking to create a comprehensive plan for their…

Murder hornets are trending. And like other trends, they seemed to come out of nowhere.

The world’s largest, Giant Hornet (is the world’s largest hornet. We first saw them on North American soil in late 2019, apparently weeks before COVID-19 arrived. They got their (very 2020) nickname, Murder Hornet, via an article in the NY Times in May 2020. By Halloween, the first nest in the U.S. was found and captured in Washington State. More than 200 reproductive females were captured.

A tagged Giant Asian Hornet found resting on an apple tree [Karla Salp/Washington State Department of Agriculture/AP]

Giant Hornets are the COVID-19 for bees.

Honeybees — which refers to at least seven amazing species — have adapted all…

By Noah Wilson-Rich, Ph.D.

Honeybees and a Giant Asian Hornet (BBC)

Murder hornets are getting some publicity lately. First recognized by scientists back in 2019, now the media is publishing mainstream stories about these Giant Asian Hornets. The news has friends, family, and clients of The Best Bees Company in knots, understandably. As the Cheif Scientific Officer of a company whose mission it is to protect honeybees, a species threatened by the hornet, I wanted to share my perspective on the issue.

I studied wasps as part of my Ph.D. is a type of paper wasp, easily identified by hanging back legs while flying. It…

The Best Bees Company

We professionally manage beehives for businesses and residents nationwide. Installation, Maintenance, Harvesting, and Research— So you can make an impact.

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