As beekeepers, we are often asked by our clients, friends, and family: “So, how are the bees doing these days?”

This report is designed to help you better understand the conditions that exist, what scientists and beekeepers are doing, and some of the promising programs that we hope will lead…

Corporate client greeting beekeepers
Why are corporate leaders are opening their rooftops to beekeepers? They are in it for more than the honey.

Sustainability Goals

Today, organizations of all sizes are challenged — no, expected — to contribute to sustainability. Investors, customers, and other stakeholders are holding companies accountable for affecting positive change locally and globally.

“The course of climatization — the process by which climate change will transform society — will play out in…

The Best Bees Company

We professionally manage beehives for businesses and residents nationwide. Installation, Maintenance, Harvesting, and Research— So you can make an impact.

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